The Wild West Blast Out

Welcome to the Wild West! The Sheriff has left the jail house unattended to go help wrangle up some cattle. You and your group of varmints have been locked up for a slew of unlawful doin’s. You have 60 minutes to breakout before the Sheriff returns. Time’s a ticking, be sure and work together to sidestep life behind bars!

Number of Players: 2-8
Duration: 60 Minutes
Difficulty Level: 8/10

The Villain's Lair:

The city is under attack from a mysterious villain. The Joker has planted a bomb in his underground lair. You and your team of rookie detectives have been given a lead from an anonymous source that has taken you straight to what is believed to be a well known Super Villain’s hideout. You must investigate his hideout, disarm the bomb, and escape his lair before he returns! This is our most popular Escape Experience and not one to be missed!

Number of Players: 2-14
Duration: 60 Minutes
Difficulty Level: 9/10

Once Upon A Time: The Enchanted Escape

The world of Grimms Brothers Fairy Tales comes alive in our brand new Escape Experience. Rumpelstiltskin has stolen all of the magic in the world. Now you and a team of brave adventurers must work together in our unique take on the Enchanted Forest. Will you return what was lost and Escape in time?

Number of Players: 2-9
Duration: 60 minutes
Difficulty Level: 6/10

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